HANDY MK2 Angled now comes with a short and a long handle


Try our new model: HANDY300 with a 15 degree angle and a 300 mm long handle - available both with a 80 mm wide carbon steel blade and as an Aqua model with a 70 mm wide stainless steel blade.


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JBF brochures

Now you can download or order marketing material in four different languages. English, French, German and Danish.

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JBF A/S Presentation film

Presentation film about JBF and TRIUMPH scrapers


Watch the film presentation of our company. Learn about our history as a company, see how the products work under different conditions - and be inspired.


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Triumph Scraper Holster

The new TRIUMPH SCRAPER HOLSTER is the perfect partner for your scraper when you need to have your hands free.

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TRIUMPH scraper does not scratch

The TRIUMPH scraper does not scratch glass

Because the hardness of metal scrapers and glass is very similar, a TRIUMPH scraper used as directed will not scratch uncoated glass. For the same reason it is very difficult to scratch glass using a scraper improperly.

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Makes it easier to do construction clean-up with an extension pole ensuring just the right angle for easy removal of...

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Professional Scrapers

The world famous JBF scrapers are one of the most important tools in a window cleaner’s belt. Choose among different models: straight, angled or heavy-duty handles etc. Besides that we have special scrapers for cleaning the interior of fish tanks.

JBF's products


TRIUMPH MK3 Straight

Double-edged 6-inch blades give you eight times the scraping width as compared to most ordinary scrapers. TRIUMPH MK3...


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