Handy 300
Handy 300

Handy 300

With its 300 mm-long handle, the Handy 300 provides extra reach, which makes it perfect for reaching the top of a window. The head is angled 15 ° forward to ensure a good working angle.

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The Handy series has been produced to live up to JBF's high standards of quality, which makes it the best small scraper on the market, ideal for both tradesmen, hobbyists and painter-decorators.
The scraper comes fitted with a 0.20 mm carbon blade and safety cap.

Handy 300
Art. no.: H300-80-0
Standard pack: 75 scrapers

Standard pack: 75 scrapers
Handy blades in carbon steel

Customer stories

"I have used Triumph scrapers every day for more than 13 years, and I love them. It's simple and easy to change blades and set it on an extension pole."

Window cleaner, Australia

"When we use Triumph MK3 Angled to remove window film, we can do it in half the time. And with a 0.2 mm blade, I have a really good tool."

Bechmann Skilte, Denmark

"Keep on making this perfect product."

Window cleaner, USA

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JBF, Jysk Barberblade-Fabrik A/S, develops, manufactures and markets scrapers and replacement blades for scrapers.

The target group is the professional market, focusing on the cleaning, window cleaning, painting & decorating and aquatics segments. In addition, JBF produces and supplies a broad range of industrial blades for a variety of precision purposes and industries, including medical, printing, food, graphics, etc.

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