Functionality powered by JBF

Here at JBF we know the challenges our end users face on a daily basis. Many years of dialogue have provided us with an insight into what they want in terms of daily use. This is why our tools are designed with the greatest
possible focus on the tasks they need to deal with. Our focus is on functionality, on the extra wide blade, on the angle, the handle/grip – this is where our products distinguish themselves from our competitors. JBF knows that the perfect end result can only be achieved if the product's functionality is the very best.

Safety powered by JBF

Our tools are sharp. And our users are busy people. They don't have time to get injured. This is why we develop our tools with the greatest possible focus on user safety – the handle, the sharp blade, the way the blades are stored, how the user changes them: JBF knows that the perfect end result can only be achieved if the product's safety is the best it can be.

Quality powered by JBF

Quality tools are characterised by lasting a long time, as well as being effective and easy to use. Developing and producing high-quality tools requires experience and expertise in acquiring and utilising the best materials and manufacturers during the production phase, and constantly comparing experience and knowledge gained with the needs and habits of the target group.
JBF knows that perfect results can only be achieved if the product's quality is the very best it can be.

JBF is a member and sponsor of IWCA International Window Cleaning Association, a non-profit organisation, which, in addition to being a trade organisation, works to increase the working standards of the profession and increasing safety – which matches our goals of delivering the best end results to our customers and our end users.

Customer stories

"I have used Triumph scrapers every day for more than 13 years, and I love them. It's simple and easy to change blades and set it on an extension pole."

Window cleaner, Australia

"When we use Triumph MK3 Angled to remove window film, we can do it in half the time. And with a 0.2 mm blade, I have a really good tool."

Bechmann Skilte, Denmark

"Keep on making this perfect product."

Window cleaner, USA

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About JBF

JBF, Jydsk Barberblade-Fabrik A/S, develops, manufactures and markets scrapers and replacement blades for scrapers.

The target group is the professional market, focusing on the cleaning, window cleaning, painting, tint industry & window film and aquatics segments. In addition, JBF produces and supplies a wide range of industrial blades for a variety of precision purposes and industries, including medical, printing, food, graphics, etc.

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