Triumph carbon blades

Triumph carbon blades

All Triumph® blades are manufactured at our own factory according to strict quality control tolerance limits. We only use top quality steel from European suppliers. This ensures an end product of the highest quality.

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Over 40 years, we have built up an extensive body of knowledge regarding the manufacture of the best blades specifically for scrapers. We are the only blade manufacturer to focus exclusively on making blades for scrapers. Our many years of experience enables us to manufacture the best blades in the industry, something our skilled tradesmen are extremely proud of. All Triumph® blades are sharp on both sides, which makes them extremely economical to use. The blade is simply turned over and a fresh scraping edge is available. Triumph blades are supplied in a practical dispenser, which makes them easy to use and the used blades easy to dispose of.

25 items 149 mm Triumph blades, 0.20 mm carbon steel
Art. no.: 311-149-0.20-C-25-0X
Standard pack: 100 dispensers (2500 blades)

25 items 149 mm Triumph blades, 0.20 mm carbon steel
Art. no.: 311-149-0.20-C-25-0Y
Standard pack: 50 dispensers (1250 blades)

Choosing the right blade
Triumph blades are available in both ordinary carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel is stronger than stainless steel and is more able to retain its sharpness over time with intensive use. On the other hand, stainless steel blades are less prone to rust and more flexible. We recommend using stainless Triumph blades for sporadic light scraping and carbon steel Triumph blades for more intensive cleaning as well as longer periods of use over the same day.


Customer stories

"I have used Triumph scrapers every day for more than 13 years, and I love them. It's simple and easy to change blades and set it on an extension pole."

Window cleaner, Australia

"When we use Triumph MK3 Angled to remove window film, we can do it in half the time. And with a 0.2 mm blade, I have a really good tool."

Bechmann Skilte, Denmark

"Keep on making this perfect product."

Window cleaner, USA

About JBF

JBF, Jydsk Barberblade-Fabrik A/S, develops, manufactures and markets scrapers and replacement blades for scrapers.

The target group is the professional market, focusing on the cleaning, window cleaning, painting, tint industry & window film and aquatics segments. In addition, JBF produces and supplies a wide range of industrial blades for a variety of precision purposes and industries, including medical, printing, food, graphics, etc.

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