Triumph MK2 Straight
Triumph MK2 Straight
Triumph MK2 Straight

Triumph MK2 Straight

Triumph® MK2 Straight was launched in 1981. It quickly set a new standard for professional scrapers and has been popular ever since.

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Triumph® MK2 is moulded out of one piece of reinforced plastic for extra durability. The scraper continues to be the tradesman's preferred tool due to its simplicity, low weight, high quality and, of course, the 150 mm-wide head. The scraper comes fitted with a 0.20 mm carbon blade and safety cap with or without rubber scraper.

Triumph MK2 Straight without rubber edge.
Art. no.: 310-MK2-STR-149-UG-0
Standard pack: 75 scrapers.

Triumph MK2 Straight with rubber edge.
Art. no. 310-MK2-STR-149-MG-0 
Standard pack: 75 scrapers.

Triumph MK2 Straight with rubber edge,​
on hanging display card​
Art. no. 310-MK2-STR-149-MG-1
Standard pack: 50 scrapers

Buy Triumph blades, manufactured at our own factory:
Triumph blades in carbon steel
Triumph blades in stainless steel

Customer stories

"I have used Triumph scrapers every day for more than 13 years, and I love them. It's simple and easy to change blades and set it on an extension pole."

Window cleaner, Australia

"When we use Triumph MK3 Angled to remove window film, we can do it in half the time. And with a 0.2 mm blade, I have a really good tool."

Bechmann Skilte, Denmark

"Keep on making this perfect product."

Window cleaner, USA

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The target group is the professional market, focusing on the cleaning, window cleaning, painting, tint industry & window film and aquatics segments. In addition, JBF produces and supplies a wide range of industrial blades for a variety of precision purposes and industries, including medical, printing, food, graphics, etc.

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